Wooden Barrels For Sale

An overview of what you’re looking for. Oak barrels for sale, whiskey barrels for sale, wine barrels for sale and more! What to look for and how to use them!

Wooden Barrels for Sale

A (Very) Short History of Wooden Barrels

Wooden barrels have been used to store food and liquid for centuries. As trade and transportation developed around the world it became clear that wooden barrels were a vastly superior vessel than the clay pots that has been used previously and so, the market for wooden barrels for sale was born. Wooden barrels are not only less fragile, but they also stack much better and, as was discovered accidentally, they impart a warm, wooden flavor to whatever is stored inside.

Today, the ancient trade of cooperage – or the making of barrels – is more of an art form than it ever was. Barrels are now prized for their flavor enhancing properties as much as for their storage abilities but the cooper is still the king in this world, as it is he who determines the best oak to use (whether French or American) and assembles the barrel to the same exacting standards from long ago.

If you’re looking for wooden barrels for sale then it’s important to find one that is made for how you want to use it. Just like the coopers of long ago, you’ll have to find the right size, the right wood, and the right amount of charring to properly flavor the wine, beer, or spirit you’ll put inside. There are plenty to choose from; all high quality and manufactured to the same specifications laid out in the past.

Here’s a quick chart of some of the wooden barrels available for sale; there really is something for everyone! Keep reading below to learn more about choosing wooden barrels.

Wooden BarrelsSizeMaterialRatingPrice
Oak Whiskey Barrel2 Liters/0.5 GallonsOakNA$
Jack Daniels Branded Whiskey Barrel208 Liters/55 GallonsOakNA$$$
Wine Dispensing Barrel with Wrought Iron Stand5 Liters/1.3 GallonsOakNA$$
Oak Aging Barrel with Black Steel RingsVariousOakNA$-$$
Oak Wine Barrel2 Liters/0.5 GallonsOak5 Stars$
Personalized Whiskey Barrel3 Liters/0.8 GallonsAmerican Oak3.5 Stars$
Used Oak Wine Barrel219 Liters/58 GallonsOak5 Stars$$$$
Whiskey Barrel19 Liters/5.0 GallonsOakNA$$

Important Considerations When Looking For Oak Barrels For Sale

The two most important considerations when looking for oak barrels for sale are the type of oak used and the amount of charring, or toasting, on the inside.

Barrel Charring

Toasting makes all the difference.

French, Hungarian, and American oak are all used to create oak barrels (or white oak barrels). How do you know which one is the best one for you? French oak tends to be the most expensive, but it is also considered to be the best quality and the only wood that is suitable for aging wine. Hungarian oak has started to become more popular in the last few years due to the quality of the coopers (barrel-makers) in Hungary and for it’s lower cost when compared to French oak. American oak is the most available wood and is usually perfectly suitable for all home-aging projects. It imparts a warm, vanilla, flavor to wines and spirits.

There is no argument that the toasting of barrels makes for a more delicious and aromatic final product. Most oak barrels for sale come with a medium level of toasting that is best for medium term aging projects. The key to using charred barrels, though, isn’t the amount of charring but the ratio of wood surface area to the liquid inside. You want to choose an oak barrel that is the right size for the amount of spirit you plan on aging; too small and not enough of the spirit will come into contact with the wood; too big and the spirit may be overpowered by the wood. Intermittent tasting is the best way to determine if the spirit is ready or not.

Choosing Whiskey Barrels For Sale

The aging of whiskey in wooden barrels is a long standing tradition among those who distill their own spirit and those who want to experiment with richer flavors in store bought whiskey.

Whiskey Barrel

Most whiskey barrels (and bourbon barrels) are much smaller than used wine barrels or other wooden barrels. This is because they are primarily used as dispensers at the same time as they are aging the spirit. Most people aging spirits in their home don’t have need for 20 liters of capacity so most whiskey barrels are in the 1-5 liter range. That’s not to say that you couldn’t find a larger barrel if that’s what you’re lookingfor but mostly you’ll be choosing from the smaller size range. Fortunately even these smaller whiskey barrels still come with the charring, or toasting, option so you can still take advantage of the rich flavoring that comes from charred oak in a more convenient size.

As with choosing used wine barrels for sale, finding whiskey barrels for sale comes down to the size of the barrel and the charring of the interior as this is what determines the best possible outcome. Find a wooden barrel that is slightly larger than the volume of whiskey you have to maximize the surface area ratio of liquid to wood. Most barrels have a medium char in them so it will be the length of time in the barrel that determines how smoky and woody your whiskey will be.

As an added feature, many whiskey barrel vendors also offer personalization of their barrels. This means you can add your initials, or name, to the barrel making it a great feature for your home bar or as a gift for a special occasion.

Dispensing barrels are a fun accessory to have in any home bar. You’ll be able to taste the change in the spirit as it ages in the barrel while you share it with friends and family.

Multiple Uses For Wine Barrels for Sale

Finding wine barrels for sale means you have found something you can use in a variety of ways. Wine barrels have a unique property that makes them ideal for all sorts of purposes. Not only are they often charred, or toasted, inside but they have also already been used to age and flavor wine. This means that they have been impregnated with the flavor of some of the best wines in the world. You can take advantage of this by using wine barrels to add a unique flavor to wines and spirits.

Wine Barrels

Wine barrels for sale come in two major categories; those that will be actually used for maturing and flavoring wine, and those that will be used to enhance home and garden decor.

Wine Barrels For Aging, Storing, and Dispensing Wine

When looking for wooden barrels to age, store, or dispense wine, you should be considering the size of the barrel and the amount of charring it has on the inside. All wooden barrels are made of oak and most barrels available to consumers are made of American oak, so that decision is made for you.


Determining the size of barrel you need comes down to more than just will the amount of wine you have fit in the barrel. Filling a barrel too full does not allow for the correct surface area to wine ratio that is necessary to ensure full flavoring. It is better to have a larger barrel and not fill it than it is to have a barrel that is just the right size for the volume you have.


Most barrels come with a medium charring, or toasting, level. This will work for most home maturing projects, although there are some vendors who do offer varying levels of char. Most of the wine barrels for sale here are toasted to a medium level and will impart a warm, oaky flavor to your favorite wine.

Wine Barrels For Home and Garden Decor

Used wine barrels for sale are often the best barrels to use for decorative purposes. Whether using an intact barrel to enhance the decor of your home or splitting it in half to use as flower planters in your garden, wine barrels have developed a lovely patina from the wine they once held that makes for a beautiful accent to your finished product.

Choosing barrels for home and garden decor all comes down to the aesthetic that you are looking for and what size of barrel you’ll need for your project. There are some barrels available that definitely have the look of having been used in the winery business (complete with the still fresh scent of Bordeaux wine!) and others that have an old world patina and factory stamp on them that would look great in a more rustic decor.

Whatever you’re using them for, used wine barrels add a romantic touch of old world charm.