Whiskey Barrels For Sale: Age Your Own Whiskey at Home

The best thing about looking for whiskey barrels for sale is that there are always plenty available.

It’s the Federal Standards of Identity for Distilled Spirits (27 CFR 5) that’s responsible for so many whiskey barrels being for sale. It states that bourbon (a type of whiskey) must be, by law, aged in new, charred, oak barrels. The bourbon industry in America produces more than 2 million (!) barrels of whiskey a year; and each of those barrels can only be used once for the production of bourbon.

Plenty of these barrels are repurposed to age other spirits whose regulations are not so strict; but many are also available to small scale, or home producers, who want to purchase used whiskey barrels for their own use or projects.

Whiskey Barrels for Sale

How much you should pay for a whiskey barrel for sale depends on a few factors:

  • Size of Barrel. Obviously, the size of the barrel is going to influence the cost. A full-sized barrel is going to cost substantially more than a barrel intended for home use.
  • Intended Use. If you plan on using the barrel to age your own wine or whiskey you are going to want a better quality barrel. Expect this to cost more. If the barrel is for a garden, or home, decor project then the quality of the barrel may not be as important and so a less expensive option will do.
  • Shipping Distance. Barrels that are available closer to you will cost less to ship. If you’re looking for an authentic, large-sized, barrel then you’ll likely need to ship it from Kentucky; fine if you live nearby but shipping should be considered if you live across the country.
  • Authenticity. Replica barrels are less expensive than authentic barrels; but they may not necessarily be of lesser quality. A small scale barrel made for home-use is still a good quality barrel, complete with interior charring; but it may not be considered authentic. This consideration points back to the ‘intended use’ and should be thought of when considering what to pay.

Aging Whiskey, Wine, and Spirits

One of the most popular reasons for looking for whiskey barrels for sale is to age whiskey, wine, and spirits at home.

Barrel aged whiskey has much richer, and smoother, flavor. The tannin and vanillin compounds in the barrel interact with the whiskey, producing new compounds that impart more complex flavors during the time in the barrel.

Barrel aging at home means:

  • You can purchase less expensive liquor and end up with a quality product
  • You are part of the aging process
  • You can experiment with types of barrels and length of aging

These whiskey barrels for sale are specifically made for home aging.

Red Head Barrels Oak Aging Barrel

This barrel is produced specifically to age spirits at home. They offer a range of sizes; from 0.25 gallons to 5 gallons.

The interior has a medium char, the industry standard for aging whiskey; 4-6 weeks in this barrel and any whiskey you put in here will undoubtedly taste better.

Delivered with a barrel stand, spigot, bung and paper funnel. Everything you need to get started today.

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Midwest Barrel Company Freshly Emptied Barrel

These are authentic barrels that have been freshly emptied of bourbon at the distillery. They are sourced from a variety of American distilleries and may have a variety of original brand markings on them.

Aging in freshly emptied barrels increases the potential flavor profile of your own whiskey, beer, or wine as the bourbon compounds release and enhance the aging process.

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Sophia’s Findings Oak Aging Barrel

Be sure to select ‘unfinished’ when ordering this barrel. An unvarnished barrel is best for aging spirits as it lets the liquid inside breathe and interact with the wood more.

The smaller size of this barrel means that the aging process happens fairly quickly; some users note that as little as a week was needed to age a bottle of whiskey!

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Aging your own whiskey, tequila and rum in oak barrels is a great way to experiment with flavors to make the most of less expensive spirits.

The best way to take advantage of this is to have a few barrels ‘on the go’ at any one time. Start aging one batch, then a month or so later start another batch, and then again until you have 3 or 4 batches aging. They will ‘finish’ in turn and you will have a reliable source of rich, well rounded, spirits to enjoy in your home bar.