Rain Barrels For Sale

Not all wooden barrels are used for wine and whiskey!! Discover how using a water catchment system, using rainwater collection tanks and wooden rain barrels, can save you money as you also help the environment.

rain barrels for sale

Rain Harvesting Basics

Rain harvesting is a simple way for any homeowner to reduce the demand on the local water supply. At its most basic it consists of a catchment area (typically the roof of your home), a rainwater collection tank, and a simple diversion kit to ensure that the water ends up in the tank.

The water collected can be used for almost anything; to water landscape, for fire protection, and even for household use (if treated properly).

This isn’t just a country, or rural, practice – urban houses (and even some condominiums) can also be set up with rainwater collection tanks and reap the benefits of having fresh, clean water available all the time.

There are plenty of options when it comes to putting a water catchment system into place. This chart shows just some of them – read more below about the benefits of using rainwater collection tanks.

Rain BarrelsSizeMaterialPriceNote
Plastic Water Barrel55 GallonPlastic$$Basic water collection.
Portable Rain Barrel50 GallonSoft Plastic w/Supports$Designed for easy moving.
Wood Grain Rain Barrel50 GallonWood Grain Plastic$$Decorative look.
Rain Barrel Station45 GallonRecycled Plastic Resin$$Decorative look.
Vertical Rain Harvesting System50 GallonFood Grade Plastic$$$Spacesaving!
Large Rain Collection Tank150 GallonPlastic$$$Different colours avail.

Using a Water Catchment System Helps Save the Environment

There can be no better recycling system than using a water catchment system for the natural reuse of rainwater.

It reduces demand on the existing, public, water supply, eliminates run-off and the subsequent erosion, and doesn’t contribute to surface water contamination.

That’s just the environmental savings realized by collecting the rainwater. There are also a myriad of benefits to having fresh water stored.

It can be used to water gardens, lawns, planters, and trees. The simplest of rain harvesting systems are just a rainwater collection tank and a bucket with which to distribute the collected water. A more complex system for watering could be devised but definitely isn’t necessary. Simply dip a bucket into the barrel and carry it to the garden.

Rainwater collection tanks can also be used as the water supply for decorative garden elements such as waterfalls, small streams, and fish ponds. The water is untreated, and natural, so won’t harm pets or wildlife.